Flight Deals – 3/11/19

There are a couple of websites I routinely check for cheap flight deals originating from the US. My favorite website to check daily is Secret Flying. I’ve been following them for years and they churn out dozens of deals daily departing and originating from countries all over the world. Many other flight deals websites charge a fee/membership to receive their “exclusive” deals, but Secret Flying doesn’t charge a penny. Below are some hot flight deals as of 3/11/19 that I wanted to share with my readers who don’t necessarily want to spend all of their hard-earned points on flights:

  1. Los Angeles to Fiji for $370 Roundtrip
  2. Los Angeles to Bangkok for $368 Roundtrip
  3. Los Angeles to Medellin, Columbia for $396 Roundtrip
  4. San Francisco to London for $398 Roundtrip
  5. New York to Rome for $294 Roundtrip
  6. New York to Copenhagen for $289 Roundtrip
  7. Miami to Belize for $102 one-way or $267 Roundtrip
  8. New York to Palm Springs for $196 Roundtrip
  9. Chicago to Johannesburg for $630 Roundtrip
  10. Miami to Stockholm for $378 Roundtrip
  11. New York to Barcelona for $309 Roundtrip
  12. Many US Cities to Australia from $463 Roundtrip

Keep in mind that some of these flight deals don’t last long so YMMV. I highly suggest following Secret Flying or start checking their site from time to time when looking to book that next vacation.

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