A little over a year ago, I booked myself a four night stay at the Park Hyatt New York eager to try the new hotel and spend some time in the heart of the Big Apple. I went by myself and enjoyed all of the hotel’s wonderful offerings: Large rooms, beautiful pool, locker rooms, fitness, center, and more. The attention to detail and care by the hotel stuff and the wonderful design throughout the hotel was typical of a Park Hyatt and I knew I could only stay here when I come back to New York.

My Recent Stay

Recently I got engaged and decided to book a short trip for my fiancee and I to New York for the long President’s Day weekend. I waited for award availability to open up and managed snag two free nights at the Park Hyatt and couldn’t wait for her to experience what I had experienced over a year ago. About a week before arrival, I received an email from the hotel asking if my preferences from last stay remained the same and if I have any requests. I mentioned that I do still keep Kosher and that I recently got engaged and would be visiting with my fiancee.

About a few hours after we checked into our room, we got a knock on our door. The hotel had sent us a plate of fruit and a bottle of KOSHER wine! Unlike most hard alcohols that are kosher, kosher wine is very scarce and not as readily available as most other alcohols. We also received a hand-written card wishing us congratulations and a pleasant stay at the hotel. Small gestures like this is what makes the hotel experience so memorable and enjoyable.

a table with a bottle of wine and fruit on it

Fruit plate with Kosher wine!

Hand-written note from the hotel

Hand-written note from the hotel





Exhausted after our red-eye flight





A TV in the bathroom mirror is just way too cool


The designs are mesmerizing

Have you stayed at a Park Hyatt before and received exceptional service or had an amazing experience? Post in the comments below!