American Airlines is running a promo that will net you 1,000 AAdvantage points easy, free, and in under 2 minutes! Click the link and you will be prompted with a question asking you where your dream destination is. Once you enter a destination, it will take you to a page with 6 videos. The videos are 1-2 minutes each, but you can just skip to the end of each video and answer the questions with the answers posted below:

1. Exploring My Account
Question: You can save what information in your AAdvantage account?
Answer: All of the above

2. Inside Elite Benefits
Question: Which is not a level of AAdvantage elite Status?
Answer: Iron

3. Principles of redeeming miles
Question: Most people redeem there AAdvantage miles for?
Answer: Flights

4. Earning Miles with Credit Cards
Question: You save how much off your in-flight purchases when you use your American Airlines and US Airways operated flights?
Answer: 25% off

5. Earning with Partners
Question: How can you earn miles with AAdvantage Dining program?
Answer: Dining out

6. Seeing the world: Flying & Earning
Question: American Airlines offers around how many daily flights?
Answer: 6,700