As we all know, buying $200 Visa Gift Cards from with your Chase Ink Credit Card can be quite a lucrative endeavor. Earning 5x points per dollar and loading the gift cards onto your Amex Bluebird or Serve Card at your local WalMart to pay off your credit card bill is one of the best ways to manufacture spend these days. The only problem is that each card carries a $6.95 fee, which only slightly cuts into your points earnings.

However, Staples currently has a promo code for $5 off $50: 51520. That drops the cost of the gift card down from $206.95 to $201.95. Make sure your Chase Ink card is linked to the Visa Savings Edge program to earn an additional 1% cash back on your statement credit for purchases made at Staples. Staples is being discontinued from this program after 12/31, so take advantage now will you still can! The statement credit brings the $200 gift card down to $199.93.

The discount applies to the total transaction so this only works for one card at a time. If you feel the need to (who doesn’t want to earn a ton of Ultimate Rewards points) , you can create multiple emails to take advantage of this promo code by using the guest checkout. You may also need to use multiple browsers, use an incognito browser, or clear your cache between the multiple transactions and orders. YMMV!