Update: Hotel Tonight has expanded their booking capabilities! Before, they were original with their last minute hotel discounts where you could only book a discounted hotel room for the same night you are using the app. Now, you can now book your “Tonight” up to 7 days in advance. I really like this app and I like to be spontaneous, but sometimes you don’t want to rely on an absolute last minute booking. I like that they’ve expanded their booking capabilities and you can read more about it hereMake sure to use Promo Code: JBORTZ1 to receive $25 off your first booking!


Hotel Tonight is a mobile travel app for iPhone, iPad and Android devices that allows users find discounted last-minute hotel accommodations throughout North America and Europe. The app is really sim
ple and easy to use with many cities to choose from and slashed hotel prices for same day bookings. I know when I travel, I like to be spontaneous and not book or commit myself to too many places or hotels in advance. I like to keep my options open and spend more time in the places that I enjoy and sometimes I like to travel spontaneously and just go somewhere on a whim. Hotel Tonight helps fill this need of mine by offering discounted hotel prices at a variety of hotels for myself and other like-minded last second travelers.


I’ve seen hotels discounted from $450 to $108! Each hotel listed in the app is labeled with a style in which the hotel is known for to give the customer an idea of what they should expect from the hotel. The labels I’ve seen include: Hip, Solid, Luxe, and Basic. Today, I decided to do a quick search on discounted hotels in Las Vegas tonight. I noticed the Cosmopolitan Hotel is discounted from $400 to $250, which is a pretty sweet deal at a real nice hotel. The Wynn Las Vegas also cut their price for a stay tonight from $309 to $175. Yesterday, I saw suites at The Palms going for only $69! So it just depends on the day of the week you’re looking to stay and the location and level of the luxury definitely plays a part. Also, at times of the year when hotels may be struggling to fill their rooms, you’ll see prices greatly discounted and you can jump on some solid deals on those days.

I searched New York as well and saw some really great hotels for almost half the price. Hotel Tonight also includes smaller cities and a variety of hotels to give you many options no matter where you might find yourself. When you click on a hotel, you’ll find how highly ranked and reviewed the hotel is by former guests that help you make a quick and informative decision, especially when it’s late at night and you just want to make a quick choice on where to stay.

For new users, use Promo Code: JBORTZ1 to receive $25 off your first booking (I also receive a $25 referral bonus if you spend $50 or more, so spread the love!). Once you download the app, just click on the “Credits” tab and “Redeem Promo Code” to enter and receive the $25. So try it now and start taking advantage of some great last second hotel deals!

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