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Well folks, it was a great run while it lasted but all great things must come to an end I’m afraid. I first saw the news reported on Dansdeals, and subsequently throughout the travel bloggosphere confirming my fears that Amazon Payments will no longer allow people to send person-to-person payments. Amazon Payments is my favorite, and what I consider to be the best way to meet the spending requirement to receive new credit card bonuses. Amazon had recently cracked down on abusers that were opening multiple accounts and sending money to themselves. But now, Amazon Payments as we know it officially goes down on October 13th. 

Amazon Payments updated their terms of agreement to state:

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So take advantage of these last 2 months to use Amazon Payments and spend your last $2,000 worth of free points with an amazing program that has been enjoyed by many for several users. There are still other ways of manufactured spending and I’m sure other great methods will pop up sometime in the near future. So stay tuned!