My brother just sent me this thread on Slickdeals stating that people were calling up Google and getting free replacements for their damaged Nexus 5 phones. I was pretty skeptical and my phone has a couple of slight cracks, so I thought “What the hell, I might as well give it a shot!” Well at first they claimed that this was a myth going around the internet and that they are not replacing Nexus 5 phones, but the representative said she would take a look into my account. After verifying some information, the representative said, “Since your phone is cracked and you’ve had the phone for a while, we’ll send you a replacement for free but only for you!” Yeah, sure. Only for me. According to the thread, many people are getting free replacements and I suggest you try the same if you’re Nexus 5 is damaged.


Call this number: 855-836-3987 and press option 4 and then option 2 to speak with the right representative who can assist you with a potential phone replacement. Mine should be in the mail in the next couple of days.

Good luck and comment below with any success or failures!