A great post by MileCards.com outlines 80+ European destinations that can be flown using American Airlines AAdvantage points with very little fuel surcharges. No one likes shelling out 60,000 points + $650 to fly anywhere. With many people taking advantage of the recent lucrative 100,000 point Citi Executive AAdvantage World Elite MasterCard. So if you have a bunch of AAdvantage miles waiting to be used for some free travel to Europe, then take a look at some of these nonstop options with little no fuel surcharges. So where are you headed?

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Gateway city Destination Airline Frequency
Boston Madrid Iberia Daily April – Septmber, 2 days / week in October
Boston Paris AA Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun until 8/17
Charlotte Barcelona US Daily until 10/24
Charlotte Brussels US Daily until 9/1
Charlotte Dublin US 6-7 days until 10/24
Charlotte Frankfurt US Daily
Charlotte Lisbon US Daily until 9/28
Charlotte London US Daily
Charlotte Madrid US Daily
Charlotte Manchester US Daily until 9/2
Charlotte Paris US Daily
Charlotte Rome US Daily
Chicago Abu Dhabi Etihad Daily
Chicago Amman Royal Jordanian Daily until 9/10, then 5-6 days / week
Chicago Berlin Air Berlin Daily until 10/24, then Tue, Thu, Sat
Chicago Doha Qatar Daily
Chicago Dublin AA Daily
Chicago Dusseldorf AA Daily until 10/25, resumes 3/29
Chicago Helsinki AA Daily through 8/17
Chicago London AA Daily
Chicago Madrid Iberia Daily
Chicago Manchester AA Daily until 1/6, resumes 3/29
Chicago Paris AA Daily
Chicago Rome AA Daily
Dallas-Fort Worth Abu Dhabi Etihad Wed, Fri, Sun starting 12/3
Dallas-Fort Worth Frankfurt AA Daily
Dallas-Fort Worth London AA Daily
Dallas-Fort Worth Madrid AA Daily
Dallas-Fort Worth Paris AA Daily
Detroit Amman Royal Jordanian 2-3 days / week
Fort Myers Dusseldorf Air Berlin Tue, Thu, Sat
Los Angeles Abu Dhabi Etihad Daily
Los Angeles Dusseldorf Air Berlin Tue, Thu, Sat, Sun until 11/1
Los Angeles London AA Daily
Los Angeles Madrid Iberia Daily until 9/5, then 3 days until 10/24
Los Angeles Paris Air Tahiti Nui 5-6 days / week
Miami Barcelona AA Daily
Miami Berlin Air Berlin Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun (Thu added 10/22)
Miami Doha Qatar Tue, Thu, Sat, Sun
Miami Dusseldorf Air Berlin Daily
Miami Helsinki Finnair Tue, Thu, Sat 12/16 – 3/21
Miami London AA Daily
Miami Madrid AA, Iberia Daily
Miami Milan AA Daily
Miami Paris AA Daily
New York – JFK Abu Dhabi Etihad Daily
New York – JFK Amman Royal Jordanian Tue, Thu, Sat, Sun
New York – JFK Barcelona AA, Iberia Daily
New York – JFK Berlin Air Berlin Daily
New York – JFK Doha Qatar Daily
New York – JFK Dublin AA Daily until 10/23, resumes 3/29
New York – JFK Dusseldorf Air Berlin Daily
New York – JFK Frankfurt AA Daily
New York – JFK Helsinki Finnair Daily
New York – JFK London AA Daily
New York – JFK Madrid AA, Iberia Daily
New York – JFK Manchester AA Daily
New York – JFK Milan AA Daily
New York – JFK Milan AA Daily
New York – JFK Paris AA Daily
New York – JFK Rome AA Daily until 10/23
New York – JFK Zurich AA Daily
Philadelphia Amsterdam US Daily
Philadelphia Athens US Daily until 8/17 (6 days / week 8/18 – 9/28)
Philadelphia Barcelona US Daily until 3/5, resumes 3/29
Philadelphia Brussels US Daily in summer, then 6 days / week
Philadelphia Doha Qatar Daily
Philadelphia Dublin US Daily
Philadelphia Edinburgh US Daily until 9/8
Philadelphia Frankfurt US Daily
Philadelphia Glasgow US Daily until 10/5
Philadelphia Lisbon US Daily until 10/6
Philadelphia London US Daily
Philadelphia Madrid US Daily
Philadelphia Manchester US Daily
Philadelphia Munich US Daily
Philadelphia Paris US Daily
Philadelphia Rome US Daily until 2/5, resumes 3/5
Philadelphia Shannon US Daily until 9/1
Philadelphia Tel Aviv US Daily
Philadelphia Venice US Daily until 10/12
Philadelphia Zurich US Daily until 10/25, resumes 4/14
Raleigh London American Daily
San Francisco Abu Dhabi Etihad Daily starting 11/18
Toronto Helsinki Finnair Tue, Fri, Sun until 9/21
Washington Dulles Doha Qatar Daily

– Credit to MileCards.com.