I recently wrote about American Airlines becoming one of my favorite reward programs offering off-peak saver award tickets and expanding their network with the US Airways merger. Before these reward programs officially merge, American Airlines and US Airways continue maintain their own loyalty programs and offer their own beneficial perks that can still be used to book award tickets on either airline, including the newly joined by US Airways, Star Alliance network.

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US Airways has come out with some great promos in the past that make it worthwhile to purchase points. By sharing anywhere from 30,000-50,000 points with a family member or a friend’s account, you will receive a full 100% bonus! Transfer points from one spoused account to another and go from 50,000 points to 100,000 points, effectively purchasing 50,000 points at 1.1 cent each. For reference, you can book a roundtrip ticket to Asia in a lie-flat business class cabin for only 90,000 points roundtrip! If you were to book that flight with money, it would cost you upwards of $5,000. With this promo, you can buy that ticket for only a couple hundred dollars.

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If you d0n’t have US Airways Dividend Miles in your account, you can always transfer points at 1:1 ratio from your Starwood account. Make sure you do that today if you plan on taking advantage of this promo as Starpoints can take a few days to transfer to your Dividend Miles account. You will only need to transfer 40,000 points as Starwood gives you a free 5,000 point bonus on each 20,000 point increments that you transfer to airline account! Otherwise, if you want to earn US Airways Dividend Miles fast and take advantage of the next promo, check out the US Airways Premier World MasterCard.