I wrote in the past about earning points at an accelerated rate by making online purchases through airlines’ and credit cards’ shopping portals. I just received an email from United.com that I can earn 9x points per dollars spent on Groupons through April 13th. I’ve been waiting to purchase a bunch of outdoor activities on Groupon and now I can earn 9x points with United MileagePlus account. If you use your Chase United MileagePlus Explorer Card, then make that 10x per dollar spent!

Earn 9x points at Groupon through United.com's shopping portal

Earn 9x points at Groupon through United.com’s shopping portal

I like to scour the bonus points offered by the various shopping portals including Chase, United, American Airlines, and more. If I’m planning on making a number of purchases online or even just one large purchase, it’s worth checking out one of these online shopping portals to see if you can earn bonus points on top of the points you already earn by using your credit card. Most likely, the shopping portal will have a bonus and offer at least 1 extra point per dollar spent even at the big chain stores.

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Top merchants at Chase’s shopping portal