Julien Bortz has been a travel enthusiast as early as he could remember. Coming from a diverse background and an extended family who lived primarily in France, Julien had the fortunate opportunity to travel extensively throughout Europe making his way across the continent and studying the rich culture and history while living like a native.

After taking a trip with his parents at the age of 9, where his parents took him on a road trip throughout France staying in castles along the way, he caught the travel bug and has not been able to shake it since. In order to keep up with his long bucket list of travel destinations, he started to study and learn from other bloggers about the many perks and benefits that credit cards have to offer. Thanks to such lucrative reward point offers, Julien has been able to afford the luxury of flying and booking hotels for free that would have otherwise been impossible.


Julien has enjoyed sharing this information and guiding friends and family with the knowledge and understanding to fully take advantage of these opportunities. His parents went from being able to book one free ticket a year to flying multiple times a year in business and even first class just for using the right cards and maximizing several credit card reward programs. This website aims to provide beginners with the necessary information to take advantage and save themselves time and money while having the opportunity to explore places and share memories they could otherwise not afford. This website aims to do away with the unknown and the fear of those who think that credit cards negatively impact your credit score. Get started by checking out these Top 10 Credit Cards for Beginners.

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