I just received an email from Evolve Money saying that they are now accepting credit cards for bill payment! Unfortunately, this is only being unveiled for the Discover card, HOWEVER, Evolve Money says that they have plans for VISA® and MasterCard® payments in early 2015. 



“Get ready to charge it because Evolve Money is introducing payment with credit cards! We’re starting with the Discover® card available as a payment source in our latest update to the app. Now you can pay any of Evolve Money’s 11,000 billers, including insurance, utilities, cable, phone and much more using your Discover card. Best of all, Evolve Money does not charge you any bill payment fees when you pay with Discover. To pay your bills we will accept all debit and prepaid cards and the ONLY accepted credit card is Discover.” – Evolve Money

Search for a provider and make a payment!

Search for a provider and make a payment!

I don’t suspect that the payment will register as a cash advance, otherwise this wouldn’t be any news. Rather, it sounds like Discover is the first credit card that Evolve Money is taking on for regular credit card payments. Let’s just hope these payments earn cash back!


There are some limits to the amount you’re allow to spend via Evolve Money on a daily a monthly basis. The terms of agreement are as follows:

“By using the Service, you agree to adhere to the transaction limits set by us in our sole discretion from time to time.  You will i) only be allowed to pay up to $1,000.00 in bill payments in a calendar day; ii) only be allowed to make one (1) payment to the same Biller account number per calendar month; iii) not be permitted to make payments more than $10,000 per calendar month in aggregate.”

If you have a Discover card and you’re already using Evolve Money with a debit card, you might as well start earning some cash back on those payments, which can actually be pretty nice when you’re paying large bills at a monthly rate. But stay tuned for 2015 when we can hopefully start earning valuable points for mortgages and car payments in the tens of thousands of dollars for lot of free extra points!